KH5K Background and Sponsorship Summary

KHK Kids Helping Kids is a Texas Non-Profit organization consisting of Dallas, TX area school children (grades 8 – 12) who volunteer their time to help children (up to age 18) less fortunate than themselves.  Members of Kids Helping Kids and volunteers for Kids Helping Kids work to build positive relationships and encourage confidence and joy in at-risk children through positive social interactions and support. 

The following schools are members of KHK Kids Helping Kids and have students serving on KHK’s Board of Directors:

  • The Hockaday School 
  • St. Marks School of Texas
  • Parish Episcopal School
  • Episcopal School of Dallas
  • Cistercian Preparatory School
  • Jesuit College Prep
  • Greenhill School
  • Ursuline Academy
  • Highland Park High School
  • Booker T Washington
  • Shelton

Kids Helping Kids is devoted to the alleviation of poverty and homelessness by helping at-risk children to build skills and self-sufficiency though tutoring, mentoring, serving as role models, and providing ongoing support and guidance.  Kids Helping Kids holds regularly scheduled events with the children at Family Gateway (a Dallas based non-profit organization that helps homeless children and their families become self-sufficient) and provides scholastic tutoring, and mentoring to the children that Family Gateway serves.  Kids Helping Kids will grow to provide merit and needs based college scholarships for the children at Family Gateway.

Kids Helping Kids conducts annual projects to benefit the children that they serve.  In 2011 this included building a Teen Room at the Family Gateway Center in Dallas.  Kids Helping Kids is continuing the work we began last year to raise funds to purchase a van to be used for transportation for the kids at Family Gateway.  Family Gateway is offered numerous opportunities to enroll their kids in educational summer camps and cultural events, but has to turn these opportunities down – simply because they do not have the basic transportation to get the kids to and from the events. KHK wants to ensure that these children are able to take advantage of the wonderful educational opportunities they are offered.

This year’s KH5K Run is the primary fund raising event to support this year’s annual project.  All proceeds from the event will be used for the purchase of the van.  Any excess funds will be used to support the children of Family Gateway, including development and granting of needs and merit based college scholarships for the children that they serve.


DATE: Saturday May 3, 2014

LOCATION: On the Katy Trail, Dallas, TX.  Start and Finish at the Katy Trail Ice House

EVENT: 5k Run 9:00 AM





Sponsorship Summary

The KH5K Run and the proceeds that it generates will make a significant, positive impact on the lives of the children at Family Gateway.  The success of the event will depend upon sponsors to meet its fundraising goal. Depending on the level of sponsorship chosen, your company or organization will be acknowledged on the KH5K website, recognized on the official KH5K event brochure, the Kids Helping Kids website and included in race signs, banners, and t-shirts.

KHK operates is a 501(c)(3) organization, and sponsorships are fully deductible.



 Event named for sponsor, e.g., “The XYZ Company KH5K Run”

Corporate name prominently displayed on promotional event banners

Corporate name featured on all brochures, posters and advertisements, and T-shirts

Corporate name in all event press releases

Corporate logo on purchased van when acquired

Top billing on fliers related to the event

Event day recognition

Post event recognition

Complimentary event entries



Presenting sponsors status on all brochures and posters

Presenting sponsor name on event banners

Corporate name placement on T-Shirts

Company name on event flyers

Event day recognition

Post event recognition

Complimentary race entries


Name recognition on event banners

Corporate name on T-Shirts

Name on event flier

Event Day recognition

Post event recognition

Complimentary race entries


Corporate name on T-Shirts    

Name on event flier

Event day recognition

Post event recognition

Complimentary race entries


Event day recognition

Post event recognition


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